Long Tall Me.

The other day, I received a package in the mail.

On the package, in big bold letters, it read: "I'M YOURS #LONGTALLME."

I don't often order online. Between the ridiculous shipping costs to Alaska and the unpredictability of proper fit for this tall frame, it is a rare occasion indeed.

But there's this one company, this one particular company, that I simply cannot resist. Their fit, their style, and their mission is all that I stand for (no pun intended).

Long Tall Sally has been a lifesaver. Not only are their clothes perfectly tailored for us taller folk, but they know how to communicate to a taller than average consumer.

I stand 6ft 2" and it is rare that I find clothes that hug my statuesque self. What's more important to me, however, is their message.

Empowering, uplifting, inspiring, and very humorous, I've recently become a fan of their blog, following the funny #tallgirlstruggles and connecting with their tall girl style tips.

Here I was, all the way up in Alaska, thinking I was the only one struggling with the "do you play basketball?" and "how tall are you?" questions. But Long Tall Sally has shown me that there's this whole community of women out there who all come together and celebrate their height.

But it's not just about being tall. It's about celebrating what makes you different, unique, and in this particular case, what makes you stand out. That's what I really take away from LTS.

We need more companies out there that promote uniqueness as something to be proud of. To help women with insecurities or hesitations feel good about those qualities that make them different.

So I thank you, LTS, for blessing me with another pair of perfectly fit pants, and for reminding me to love #longtallme.