Walk in the Woods.

I finally get to start a blog post on an Alaskan adventure that includes an encounter with a bear.

At last, I get to write a story with my bear hands!

You're probably rolling your eyes cause you can't bear to hear any more puns!

I'll stop there...

So yes, there includes a bear on this tale of adventure.

On the second day of our stay we headed across the Bay over to Halibut Cove, where we were in search of a "wooden staircase in the woods."

Somehow, we found the trailhead and after anchoring, Dad paddled us over in the dingy and we began our hike on the Saddle Trail.

People often ask me where I would like to live when I grow up and the picture that comes to mind is Halibut Cove. I would build a place way up on the hillside, shrubbery concealing my humble abode, bay windows overlooking the cove, and I would run my magazine from there.

They all say I'm a dreamer, but I say that the first step is the dream!

Anyhow, we weren't five minutes into our hike when our fearless leader came speed walking back to us and informed us of a curious bear eating berries just ahead.

Or should I say, bearies?

There was debate on turning round, but we decided in the end that it was Alaska and bears come with the territory.

So we moved ahead. We ran into him a few more times (hearing his grunts and seeing him bound into the bushes) and we saw plenty of scat littering the trail.

We plodded on, carefully walking in the muddy wake of the hiker in front, and then we finally arrived at the beautiful end, where Grewingk Glacier lay.

It was a n-ice sight. And not a bad hike either! About four miles roundtrip.

To tie off our afternoon like the last, we motored over to Halibut Cove, another lovely seaside town, and walked up the ramp to have ourselves a hot cup of coffee at Halibut Cove Coffeehouse.

It was a bit sealy though, for lying across the dock was the local harbor seal who apparently comes out to sunbathe every week, and has been doing so the past twenty-five years!

Halibut Cove has my seal of approval.

What a day, I'd say, hiking in the Bay. Can't end any other way than with a caramel latte!


Proud Mary looking good this sea-son....


Can you spot our trailhead?


Already, Autumn is beginning to show her colors...


Dad insisted this was the end of the trail, for X marks the spot..


I found this at the end of our trail. Would've served better at the beginning though!  


A gem tucked back in the Kenai Mountains..


And then we were right back to where we started, Proud Mary right where we left her.  


This has got to be the sealiest greeting to a town I've had in awhile!  


Cheers to a splendid weekend xx