White Pants.

Whilst enjoying an early morning coffee at work, I saw one of my regulars rocking a pair of white pants.

Naturally, I just had to say something, and after giggles and thank yous, she admitted to me that she was stretching summer out for as long as she could.

It was something I had thought, but never admitted to myself.

But here it is: summer is ending. And fast.

Already, there's a noticeable change in the air, a crispness that snuck in ever so silently. While I haven't seen trees yet changing their colors, I can feel it in the air.

Where has summer gone?!

Granted, I was gone a hefty amount during the month of June, but it feels like yesterday that I was bringing my shorts and tanks out of winter hibernation. I haven't even worn all of them yet!

Alas, there's no point in fighting the inevitable. While summer was short, it was sweet, and I'm continuing to make fond memories.

I mean, just this last weekend, I had one of the best summer nights at the annual Kenai Peninsula Beer Fest. Between catching up with friends, drinking beer, and being inducted as an official Alaskan by finally seeing Alaska's balladeer Hobo Jim, it was one memorable night, and it took to the middle of August for that to happen!

So, like my fellow friend, I'm donning white pants in the hopes of dragging summer out just a little bit longer.

Who knows what other memories I have yet to make...