England->Wales, Everywhere in Between.

'Twas our last day in Bath and the sun kissed our skin as we explored the streets for the last time.

Or should I say, until the next time?  

Anyhow, we prepped ourselves with a hearty breakfast and then prepared for the long journey ahead to Wales, where we would be staying next. 

We were only about an hour into the drive though when we had to stop for a toilet.  

Ok, this was by far the BEST toilet stop I had ever made, for across the way as an abbey.  

It was no ordinary abbey, however. It was Tintern Abbey and the significance of this particular one was that it was suppressed by King Henry VII in the mid 1500's when he set about and created the Dissolution of Monasteries.

It was truly spectacular. Exploring the ruins of one such Abbey where the King's men destroyed as much as they could was truly incredible.  

The history here!  

When we left, we proceeded to spend the entirety of the day popping in and out of Wales and England, eventually pulling into the small town of Conwy, Wales. 

We checked into our B&B, an old and renovated church, then went just next door to Cafe Alfredo for a hearty Italian plate of pasta to make up for our hungry day.  

Quite a day for our journey to Conwy.... 


Bye Bath!  

 "And you can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-eh.."


Tintern Abbey, what a site.  


Good ole fashioned selfie in a good ole fashioned Abbey!