Dub City Par-tea.

We had a magical start to our morning yesterday. One might even say, it was the work of a... Ferry.  

Because we literally traveled by ferry!  

See, yesterday, we said our goodbyes to Wales and hopped across the pond to the great country of Ireland.  

Arriving in Dublin, we booked it straight to the nearest pub and had ourselves a most authentic Irish introduction: stew and Guinness. 

As it was already late afternoon/evening, Kate and I rested up and then went out on the town and enjoyed ourselves profusely at a particular pub with live music, Irish fiddle, and some VERY drunk dancing Scottsmen.  

So as you can imagine, we had a wee bit of a late night!  

Catching up to today, Kate and I had a slower start, one involving sleep, leisurely strolls, and a most delightful afternoon tea at the Shelbourne Hotel.  

Reccomended to us by our concierge, we just managed to squeeze into the 3:00 tea, and boy, it ended up being a real highlight of our day.   

Situating ourselves in plush green velvet chairs, we started off with pots of Irish Whiskey tea and were soon surrounded by sweet and delicious delicacies that took the entirety of two hours to consume.

With a piano player providing proper tunes, a wait staff that were most polite, Kate and I had ourselves one terrific tea party.  

Or should I say: par-tea? 

Regardless, it was definitively a highlight of our Dub City stay, and we certainly enjoyed the rest of our day! 



Afternoon tea at the Shelbourne Hotel, coming right up! 


What time is it? Par-tea time..


Desserts were probably our favorite, though everything else was just as splendid.  

Just take a look at those sweet treats!  


Drinking up before my cup becomes emp-tea... 

Don't Kate and I make the perfect tea-m?