Few of My Favorite Things.

Every year, I find myself returning to old Christmas habits.

My beverage choice goes from latte to peppermint hot chocolate (with lots of whipped cream!).

My Spotify playlist changes from G-Eazy/blackbear/Jaymes Young to Christmas tunes featuring all the classics, and then some.

My closet switches from pencil skirts and crop tops to polka dotted skirts and ugly Christmas sweaters (are they ugly though?). 

My fireplace goes from empty to full of fire.

Weather goes from freezing rain to (hopefully) lots of snow.

My desserts go from, well, cookie to cookies.

These are just a few of my favorite things when it comes to Christmastime.

This year has been no different. Although I find myself exceedingly overwhelmed and my schedule far busier than usual, I still manage to find time to enjoy these little things that make Christmas, Christmas.

It's such a special time of year and some things will just always remain the same.

But they'll be new traditions as well, which is an exciting part of growing up.

And so I ask you:

What's your Christmas tradition?

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie (for me, it's The Polar Express and The Grinch) you watch every year? Do you attend that annual Christmas party or participate in a little late night eggnog (I'm talking the alcoholic kind)?

Or is it something like wearing the same holiday skirt every year (and then vamping it up with a low cut top)?

What? I couldn't help it. I was drinking hot chocolate and wanted to channel my inner "Cocoa" Chanel...