Festive First Friday.

It's officially the first of December.

and in our house, that means Christmas music, eggnog lattes, getting out the advent calendar, and finally getting to wear that festive portion of my closet that's been begging to be worn.

Sequined cardigans, beaded shirts, velvet blouses, and color on color are finally having their solo in the spotlight.

Since you know I can't resist any occasion to don such spectacular pieces, I went all out today and dressed in inspiration of a festive Christmas tree.

Complete with neon top, teal pants, pom pom necklaces, and even an old bow in my hair, I waltzed around town in the midst of blacks and greys, spreading cheer with my hard-to-miss outfit.

Although I felt more like a piñata, my mom assured me that my ensemble garnered a few smiles, and I'm sure quite a few chuckles.

How are you celebrating this festive first Friday of December?