I'm just like her.

I spend my days napping (or thinking about napping).

I whine when I'm hungry.

I purr when someone massages me, or brushes my hair. But just as quickly, I can scratch, and sometimes I bite.

I'm selfish, at times, and I like to groom myself (especially when it comes to clothing).

It may be because I spend nearly all my spare time with said creature, even looking forward to the next time I'll get to see her. It may be because my phone is chalk full of photos of her and I purchase anything resembling her precious little face.

Whatever the reason may be, it's safe to say that I am... a cat lady.

Now I know what you're thinking: you probably imagine I'm some single recluse who lives in her hovel with fifteen cats, disheveled and witchlike, claiming that people who don't like cats are actually the crazy ones.

That is not at all how its like. I know there's this stigma that cat ladies are portrayed as lonely, often hideous loners, but I'm here to tell you that as a catwoman myself, that is not how we should be characterized. 

I may be privy to saying this, as a cat lady myself, but history actually backs me up here.

Cats have been around for quite awhile, dating back some 12,000 years ago, and across various cultures throughout time, they were often associated with being favored and glorified.

In ancient Egypt, they were associated with gods and goddesses, often mummified. In China, they were favored pets and desirous for their hunting abilities. In Japan, they're associated with good luck. Then there were the unfortunate Middle Ages, where they were killed en masse on suspicion of spreading the Black Plague (even though killing them lowered the chances of killing rodents, who were the guilty party in spreading the disease).

Let's not forget their ardent depiction in art and photography. And with that, their association with cat ladies.

There is plenty of proof out there that depict these so-called profiled unkempt cat ladies, as some of the most beautiful, stylish, and accomplished women in history.

From Audrey Hepburn, to Grace Kelly, to Colette, Eartha Kitt, Ursula Andress, and Brigitte Bardot, I'm not making things up when I say that these graceful, curious cats attract equally graceful, curious women.

Cats are not just animals. They are royalty. They are enigmatic creatures who love to be praised and always find themselves the center of attention. They emanate sensuality and dominance and they are one of the best cuddle buddies out there.

Whenever someone dubs me as a "cat lady" (which is more often than not), I simply smile and embrace the fact that I share a stage with some of the most celebrated chic cat ladies in the world.

And with that dose of cattitude, I leave you in search of my kitty.

Did I mention that Fudge, my cat, helped me pick this outfit out from a cat-alogue?

Did I mention that Fudge, my cat, helped me pick this outfit out from a cat-alogue?