Cold to the Bone.

It's just not Halloween without a fresh layer of snow.

I know they don't exactly fit well together, but for as long as I can remember, the end of the month has always brought snow. In my memory, trick-or-treating meant bundling up in winter attire, costumes covered, and clomping through the cold as our boot laden feet made their way through fresh snowfall.

Well this morning, we got our scary spook-snow.

It was a powdered sugar dusting of snow, a dosage that didn't even last through the afternoon, but it was snow all right.

It had me chilled all the way down to my bones; so much in fact, that it felt as if my entire skeleton were exposed!

While the snow didn't last, my skeleton remained vulnerable to the cold, and I prepared my Halloween costume for the inevitable coat and boots that I would surely need...