Spooks Are Out.

There are two parts to the autumn season.

The first is cosy. It's colorful, the leaves are in their brightest state, pumpkin spice lattes are a daily ritual, and there still remains this warmth from a lingering summer.

The second part is spooky. By now, the leaves have all deserted the trees, leaving them naked and bare (think Blair Witch style). Twiggy silhouettes provide the perfect backdrop for a horror movie and combined with the new nip in the air, things are definitely feeling creepier. Plus, it's official now that the nights are getting longer, perfect for the ghoulies who like to wander in the dark.

As of Friday the 13th, we have transitioned into the latter part of the autumn season.

And I am loving it.

I've always had a.... curiosity for the more mysterious and spooky things in life, and Halloween is at the top of the list for my all-time favorite holidays.

In lieu of this sudden change in the air, Mom and I decided to bring out the orange boxes from the basement and transform our house into something of the sinister sort.

There's skeletons (lots of skeletons), ghosts, witches, clowns, cobwebs, all the way from household décor to mugs and sweaters. When my dad came in from working outside, he saw our decorating and muttered "Son of a witch!"

I think we gave him a bit of a fright.

Every transition in nature is unique. Sometimes it makes you feel rejuvenated, happy, ready to curl up in a Nordic sweater, and sometimes it leaves you double checking your shower to make sure no one is there to scare you.

I look forward to the latter.

Anyone with me?