It was an innocent enough day. There I was, twirling just feet from the edge of the bluff, when all of a sudden, a crackling was heard.

Panicked, I immediately retracted my steps from the edge, thinking my zealous spinning had in fact disrupted the bluff. I thought to myself I'm going down!

Turns out, a tree to my left, one that so treacherously hung out over the edge of the bluff, had finally fallen prey to gravity, and cracked, roots and all falling below to the ocean's edge.

I don't often have the opportunity of being present when a tree falls, and I have to say, it left me quite stumped.

Get it?

The timing, the setting, the witness to such a majestic tree succumbing to the natural erosion of the bluff... I couldn't be-leaf that I was lucky enough to see it go down!

Nature never ceases to awe me and humble me with its pure majesty. Not only have we seen many seasonal changes these past few weeks, but we've also been present for more than a few earthquakes that shook the house and reminded us of our place here on earth.

It's all very unpredictable and keeps us on our toes. Kind of like life: you think it's going steady and strong one moment, and then the next, a tree falls and it leaves you feeling stumped!

So even though the trees are falling and the earth is shaking, I'll keep on twirling on the bluff's edge...