Stretched Out Sun.

My week did not go as anticipated.

The other day, I became struck with a sudden case of the runny nose and aptitude to sneeze profuse amounts. Perhaps due to the cold walk I took with my sister (in which case my eyelashes froze together), or the deep down anticipation I have concerning a possible job interview, I woke too ill to attend bike class and proceeded to spend the day watching old films, reading, writing, and plenty of napping.

Doesn't actually sound much different from my daily routine, come to think of it....

Anyhow, my sister assured me last night that it was actually worse for me to stay cooped indoors than to venture outside.

Taking her most trustworthy advice, I then agreed to accompany my mom and sister on a road trip to Homer. My sister sadly departs tomorrow evening and so time is of the essence.

By the time we hit the road (Jack), the sun was already beginning its descent downwards and we were soon facing the clear sky with the setting sun to our right and the crescent moon to our left. Closer to the horizon, we were blessed with an impeccable skyline of rugged wintry mountains and jagged volcanos, Alaska once again awing us with it's paint-like image.

Just another afternoon in Alaska!

Anyhow, the evening was spent doing what we do best: eating, drinking, and shopping.

And although we were only granted a few hours of daylight, the sunset took up the majority of that time.

So even if daylight hours are short here in Alaska, they're full of beauty and splendor...

Actually a fantastic and belly-full-of-laughs read!

Lunch was at the Two Sisters Bakery, as there were two sister patrons...

Ah, the blessed drive onto the Homer Spit..

Using pier pressure (pun intended) against my sister, I convinced her to come down and snap a few pics under these quiet docks with me...

Quite a view, yes?

All this staring into the sun, however, had me feeling rather... tired. If you know what I mean.

As walking on the beach can be very tiring.

Another spectacular sunset in Homer. So spectacular in fact, that we were not only able to see Augustine volcano (far right), but Douglas as well (center), which you don't often see due to cloud cover.

What did I say? Sun set on the right, moon rises on the left. Quite unique to see it all in one sky at one time...