Breath of Fresh Hair.

I woke up this morning to the sound of.... silence. Real blissful silence.

Not sirens, nor construction. Silence. 

Stepping outside, I breathed in the chilly winter air. Not hookah, not cigarettes, but clean air at its most pure form. 

And when I went to town today, dressed in my holiday best, I ran into someone I knew at every place I visited. How wonderful it is to run into someone I know everywhere I go.

The joys of living in a small town, I must say. 

Granted, to take outfit pics, we had to race home against the dying of the light at an early 3:30pm, as the sun was making its final descent downward. 

Winter "daylight" hours come with the territory of Alaska! 

This past week has been spent revisiting all the places I've left behind the past few months. All those familiar spots that I've grown up with.

There's the restaurants: Nikko Garden, Fine Thyme, and Charlotte's (of which every owner asked how my adventure abroad was). Then you have the coffee shops: Coffee Roasters and Kaladi Brothers (in which my signature coffee beverage was remembered), amongst other places, like spin class at Muscles in Motion, and the crossing in Soldotna where you drive over the Kenai River.

Ironic how the "familiar spots" happen to include a lot of restaurants and coffee shops, eh? Guess it goes to show where I like to spend my time...

Anyhow, with the cold winter air reminding me of the Alaskan childhood I grew up with, I couldn't help but once again fall in love with this beautiful state that I've been blessed to call my home. Every time I leave, the love grows stronger, and it makes it that much more special when I return home to its familiarity and beauty.

It's such a stark contrast from the hustle and bustle life I've been living in London and while I can't say one was better over the other, I can agree that both places are beautiful in their own way. When living in such varied cities, you learn to appreciate the little things that make both places so very different. It puts things in perspective, and I've enjoyed being able to live in such eclectic and different places the past couple of years.

Since being home though, I can't deny that being back in Alaska has been a breath of fresh hair...

What I wore: vintage polka dotted scarf (consignment), vintage rhinestone necklace, white silk CAbi blouse (consignment), white fuzzy jacket (consignment), vintage red and black polka dotted skirt (consignment), and black Dansko boots.